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About Us

Rio revolves around people, food and cheer—the three things that define Mexican culture. With our traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation, we bring the authentic flavours of Mexico to your plate. At Rio, we are not afraid to take risks—our cooking is bold, creative and adventurous. Dining at Rio is not just about the meal—it’s about the experience.

Food at Rio is a mix of modern and traditional. We strive to use fresh locally-sourced ingredients to ensure that your meal is a memorable one. We bring to you authentic Mexican flavours that you are guaranteed to enjoy. Step in and feel the unique warmth of Mexican culture surround you, even in the heart of Madras, Oregon.

Our menu is carefully put-together to ensure that it covers the full spectrum of Mexican cuisine. Anything that you think would go well with salsa, you’ll find it at Rio! Our quality standards for food are very high to provide patrons with nothing but the best of Mexican cooking. We are well-known for our cocktails too—watch out for our tempting margaritas! Rio is not your usual Mexican cuisine—our food is creative, visually beautiful and delicious. Order your favourites or try something new at Rio—we can guarantee amazing food, no matter what you order. Food is not just part of our service, it’s our passion. Every dish is prepared with exquisite care to make sure that you can taste the love in our food.

Ever since Rio opened its doors several years ago, we have turned several first-time visitors into regulars. We are more than a place that serves great food. Rio is a place where diners always feel at home—a place where they can get sumptuous food at amazing prices from people whose passion is to serve. Our aim is to make sure you have a great time in a place that's as welcoming as the people who work here. Deeply rooted in tradition, we believe that your experience at Rio should always exceed your expectations.

Rio is a destination for family and friends alike, with its warm atmosphere, friendly staff and delectable food. Bring old friends or come to make new ones—our doors are always open to provide friendly, attentive service in a comfortable environment by staff and owners who truly love their job.

Rio has been lauded by restaurant reviewers from all over the country. Our fresh Guacamole, made fresh at your table, is a popular crowd-favourite. Let’s not forget our homemade seasoned chips and enchiladas—those are spotted on tables multiple times throughout the day. If you’re looking for delicately flavored, fresh, and thoughtfully-plated food, Rio is the place for you.


Our belief is that every patron is an addition to our family. Come relish the true flavors of Mexico at Rio.