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Rio is not just about the meal—it’s about the experience. Our food is a mix of modern and traditional. We strive to use fresh locally-sourced ingredients to ensure that your meal is a memorable one. We bring to you authentic Mexican flavours that you are guaranteed to enjoy.

If you love our food and can’t wait to share it with your friends and family, then we have good news for you. Rio now brings the authentic flavours of Mexico to your doorstep with its catering services. We take pride in our exquisite presentation and delicious cooking of Mexican food. We provide customisable dishes tailored specifically for your event. Be it a live station with burritos prepared right in front of guests, or an awe-inspiring cocktails counter, we’re ready to deliver culinary attractions that will spice up your party.

Our catering services are perfect for all kinds of events—be it a dinner at home, a formal corporate event, wedding celebrations or a birthday party. Rio catering prepares Mexican food in all its glory allowing your guests to go home with smiles on their faces and a lasting impression of your event. Our unique and flavorful dishes are the perfect accompaniment to a gathering of your family and friends.

With Rio catering, your event will be managed by experienced, talented people who are prepared to take care of every small detail to ensure that your event is a memorable experience. Food is our passion and we love to serve. Rio is not your usual Mexican cuisine—our food is creative, visually beautiful and delicious. The restaurant is known for its warm atmosphere, sumptuous food and friendly staff and we bring the same things over to our catering initiative.

Let the flavours of Mexico come alive in your event with Rio catering. We offer both traditional and innovative cooking through exquisite food that has authentic flavours, utilises seasonal ingredients, and is artfully composed for a perfect visual impression. The success of your event is our responsibility and we work passionately to ensure that it is a fantastic experience for you and your guests. Turn your event into a fiesta with Rio’s unmatched catering services.

With several years of catering experience, Rio doesn’t just deliver scrumptious food, we do it within your budget—no matter how big or small, we customise our services to fit your pocket. Rio is committed to uncompromising quality without any exceptions. The menu is open to customisation as per your tastes and choices. We use only the freshest ingredients, as well as creative, bold recipes designed to impress your guests. After many years of delighting patrons in our restaurant, we also know that success lies in the details and we work tirelessly to ensure everything goes perfectly.

In the past, events catered by Rio have been wildly successful and we’re sure that yours will be too. Our catering has been applauded for our delectable food, sumptuous drinks, speedy service and friendly staff by past patrons. Hire us for your next event and let the vibrancy of Rio’s Mexican culture turn it into an affair to remember.

Our quality standards for food are very high to provide patrons with nothing but the best of Mexican cooking. You will find that delicious food, beautiful presentation, and warm service are the hallmark of Rio catering. If you are looking to cater your next event with fantastic Mexican lunch and dinner platters, party cocktails, special packages and more, then contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your requirements.